An Analytic Pub Crawl, Wanderings and Observations

An Analytic Pub Crawl, Wanderings and Observations is part memoir, part history, and part essay. This book explores the fragments of a life lived, what Derry-born Michael Foley, a poet and writer, calls, “re-connectings and re-combinings, late recognitions and reconciliations.” The topics have been the author’s life-long interests and have been life-changing. Career is the obvious one, taking the author away from his native Ireland. Other historical events include: the Northern Irish Troubles, the IT revolution to the more recent, Covid pandemic and Brexit. View a video introduction of the topics of the two books here.

Patrick ffrench, the writer, described psychogeography as “an analytic pub crawl”, a lived experience where one drifts from one place to the next; observing, noting, reading, reacting. We may drift through a city, a book or a life and absorb. The picture on the book cover, represents the author’s journey from the borderland region in Northern Ireland to emigrating to Melbourne, Australia. The author re-connects these traces in a series of essays. Further essays include health, death, reading and writing, liveability, happiness and life skills, emigration, IT teaching, and humour.  

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