Fragments of an Analytic Pub Crawl is part memoir, part history, and part essay and  traces the journey of the author's life, its memories, the events and the places. It is a combined older version of Borderland and  An Analytic Pub Crawl, Wanderings and Observations. The book title is not to be confused with the traditional drinking pub crawl, it is a way of describing the psychogeographical nature of this book. Patrick ffrench, the writer, described psychogeography as “an analytic pub crawl”, a lived experience – one drifts from one place to the next; observing, noting, reacting. We may drift through a city, or a life and absorb. This is the “dérive”. Charles Baudelaire named this person, the flâneur. Just as the past left traces in today’s built environment, so have we, and so has the author. The picture on the book cover, represents my journey from the Donegal roads escaping the Northern Irish Troubles, or simply buying eggs on a Friday evening with his parents, as a child, and then as an adult, emigrating to Melbourne, Australia. Buy the books here

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