Hugh Vaughan has published five books. This website contains details, photos and extracts of all of his books. Send him a message. Below are brief descriptions of the books with links for further details and extracts. Free ebook details below.

An Analytic Pub Crawl, Wanderings and Observations, the author´s latest book, published 2023, traces the journey of his life, his memories and its major events . Contains:323 pages, 119,240 words. View a video introduction here. Further details and extracts here. Buy the books here.

Borderland has just been published in 2023 and is a historical memoir, that includes the history of the borderland area in the north-west of Ireland. Contains: 198 pages, 73,804. View a video introduction here. More details here. Buy the books here.

Cillefoyle Park is about a social activist, torn between the possibility of politics and the violence exploding on the streets of Derry at the height of The Troubles in the mid 1970s. The story is based upon the Brendan Duddy Papers, a peace-maker between the IRA and the British government. Contains: 331 pages, 102788 words. More details here. Contains 102, 509 words, 353 pages. Buy the books here.

Fragments of an Analytic Pub Crawl includes some details from A Bump on the Road and an earlier version of An Analytic Pub Crawl, Wanderings and Observations, above. It traces the journey of the author's life, its memories, the events and the places. 385 pages, 126,878 words. Further details here. Buy the books here.

A Bump on the Road is now a FREE ebook available in Smashwords. It contains 18 short stories emanating from the innocent years before secondary school, and the growing out of it. The stories reflect an observant child in the North West of Ireland attempting to understand the world around him. Family, The Church, The Troubles, secrets, ghost stories, leaving home, myths and legends. Contains 168 pages, 45140 words. Further details here. Obtain the FREE ebook here.


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